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Insurance fraud

When you conclude an insurance agreement or settle a loss, you may become a victim of fraud against which no insurance policy will protect you. It is only by applying joint efforts that we will be able to prevent such crimes against your interests and the interests of the insurance company.

Why does this concern you?

Many people think that fighting such crimes is the business of the insurance company and it does not concern them in any way. This is not true. Insurance fraud may also influence the amount of insurance payment: the more often such crimes occur, the higher the level of risk included in the cost of the policy. So you pay for something you did not commit.

Also, if the fraud is established, the insurance company shall have the right to:

  • refuse to make insurance indemnity;
  • demand a refund of the loss reimbursed through judicial instances.

How to protect yourself against fraud?

  • Never sign empty forms or applications when you conclude an agreement or reimburse losses.
  • Never communicate your policy number to anyone besides the official representatives of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company or the officer of internal affairs authorities. It may be used by scammers.
  • In case of a road accident, do not admit your guilt or take any action until the arrival of an STSI inspector or accident manager.
  • Do not agree if someone proposes to “earn” on insurance as it may turn against you.
  • Be careful when you buy or extend insurance policies in questionable places. Check and specify the insurance agent’s surname. If necessary, address the company’s representative office to confirm his or her identity.

If you become aware of fraud committed against you as a customer of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company, call us immediately at 7 (495) 641-41-15 or send a message to

Anonymity is guaranteed.


What is fraud?

Fraud involves gaining possession of other people’s property or acquiring the right to property by deceit or abuse of trust (Big Legal Dictionary). In insurance, such cases may include:

  • obtaining reimbursement by the insurer with the help of deceit or abuse of trust;
  • concealment of important information at the conclusion or during the term of the insurance agreement;
  • payment of a smaller insurance premium than required to evaluate the risk;
  • insurer’s refusal to pay the insurance indemnity without due guarantees arising out of the law and insurance rules.

How is fraud punished?

The responsibility for fraud is established in Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Fraud). Depending on the degree of damage, scope and number of participants, punishment may vary from a fine to imprisonment of up to ten years.

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