Motor Vehicle Insurance for Corporate Entities

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Advantages of Obtaining Vehicle Insurance from Ingosstrakh Insurance Company

Ingosstrakh Insurance Company develops individual insurance programs tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients.

  • 24/7 Call Center

  • Dedicated personal managers who issue your insurance agreement and managers in charge of dealing with insured events

  • The conclusion of contracts of voluntary insurance (including the "Theft" risk) before registration of the vehicle with the traffic police

  • No restrictions on the storage of the vehicle, including at night time

  • No restrictions to the list of persons who can drive the vehicle (multidrive)

  • Once during the term of the contract, insurance payments for minor injuries can be made without the submission of any certificates on the damage

  • The company provides free towing of the damaged vehicle or pays for towing in any region of the Russian Federation

  • Prompt settlement of insurance claims throughout the territory of the Russian Federation due to the use of the shared information system

  • Remote claims settlement system: registration of insurance claims at the vehicle service station where the repairs are to be performed

  • Contractual relationships with more than 1,500 service stations in the Russian Federation, including more than 350 service stations in Moscow and the Moscow Region

  • Exclusive offer for the installation of monitoring systems, including under the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 285 of July 31, 2012

  • Customers can also have additional services included in their agreement.

Objects of insurance

  • Light motor vehicles;
  • Load-carrying vehicles;
  • Cargo-and-passenger vehicles;
  • BUSES, minibuses;
  • Trailers, semitrailers;
  • Motorcycles;
  • Other self-propelled vehicles, including agricultural and towed vehicles, etc.
  • Additional equipment.


Ingosstrakh Insurance Company provides insurance protection against the following events

  • Accidents, regardless of the person who was driving ("multidrive");
  • Fire (including, by the agreement between the parties, self-ignition);
  • Damage by a rebounded or fallen object (excluding chipping);
  • Natural disaster (including the risk of flooding);
  • Illegal acts (including theft of the keys of the vehicles);
  • Damage caused by animals;
  • Slumping into the ground;
  • Technogenic accident;
  • Theft, unlawful deprivation of the entire vehicle, robbery, burglary (including before the vehicle registration with the traffic police).
  • It is provided in accordance with the current legislation (Federal Law No. 40, Provision of the Bank of Russia No. 431-P, Instruction of the Bank of Russia No. 3384-U, other regulations).
  • In accordance with the above regulations, Ingosstrakh Insurance Company takes into account the experience of safe driving and the absence of insured events that occurred through the fault of the Policy holder during the term of the previous insurance contract and applies experience modification rates in the calculation of the insurance premium for the following period.
  • The Unified Automated Information System (AIS) makes it possible to calculate experience modification rate based on the consolidated information of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers at the time of the agreement registration in the system. Any information about contracts, addendums, damages and payments for claims is sent in Agreements & Experience Modification Rate Automated Information System of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers immediately after registration in the system.
  • It is complementary to the insurance provided under OSAGO agreement.
  • Payment under DSAGO Rules is effected if the amount of insurance payable under compulsory insurance (OSAGO) is not sufficient to compensate the damage inflicted on the life, health or property of other persons, as well as in the event of liability not attributable to the risk insured under the compulsory insurance agreement.
  • The agreement sets the limit of liability of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company: RUB 500,000, RUB 1 m, RUB 1.5 m, RUB 3 m, etc., in addition to the limit of liability under OSAGO insurance.

Accident insurance for drivers and passengers

  • Financial protection of drivers and passengers against road accidents.
  • In the event of disability or death of the insured due to an accident, Ingosstrakh Insurance Company pays compensation within the limits of the insured amount.


Insurance Options:


The amount of insurance indemnity from the insured amount, depending on the insured event:

  • Death or disability of the first group — 100%;
  • Disability of the second group — 75%;
  • Disability of the third group — 50%;