Major payouts

Major payouts, recently performed by Ingosstrakh

In recent years Ingosstrakh performed 3 record payouts in the history of the Russian insurance industry. These payouts were related to the crash of the Kupon satellite (USD 85 mln), which was owned by the Bank of Russia, and to the fire accident at the Protek pharmaceutical distribution warehouse (75 mln US dollars). In January 2012 Ingosstrakh performed the largest payout in the Russian space insurance market, related to the total loss of the Express-AM4 spacecraft. The insurer paid the Russian State Company for Satellite Communications indemnification in the sum of 7,522,920,166.30 rubles

In 2014, Ingosstrakh Insurance Company paid the earning loss of benefit in respect of the Express-MD1 spacecraft operation in the amount of RUB 90.9 m, and earlier the company paid RUB 857 m to FSUE Russian Satellite Communications Company due to the total loss of Express-MD1 spacecraft operation.

Ingosstrakh compensated damages related to the loss of the Express-A telecommunications satellite (12.2 mln US dollars), the value of a SU-30 fighter aircraft, which crashed during Le Bourget Air Show (5 mln US dollars), and participated in compensation for damages, related to Proton rocket accidents during launches at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Moreover, Ingosstrakh is the only Russian insurance company to participate in compensation of damages, related to the September the 11th tragedy in the USA.

Major payouts

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