Ingosstrakh Has Paid RUB 3 M in Respect of the Accident at the Construction Site


Ingosstrakh Insurance Company has paid an insurance indemnity to a member of a non-profit partnership — a self-regulated organization in connection with an accident that caused the death of a worker at the construction site during the works performed. The total sum insured exceeds RUB 3 m.

According to the contract Ingosstrakh Insurance Company insured a public liability for causing damage due to lack of construction works with an insured amount of 10.5 million rubles. Besides standard risks of public liability connected with the indemnification to life or health of the third parties, property pf physical and legal persons to cover also losses occurred with the owner of the building, construction, concessioner, developer, technical authority who indemnified the harm caused to the people affected and paid compensation above the indemnification according to the article 60 City Planning Code of the Russian Federation due to the faults of works carried out by the construction company.

According to the provisions of the abovementioned article of the City Planning Code of the RF, in addition to the conditions for compensation for harm to life or health of third parties, compensation is provided in excess of compensation for harm. Thus, in case of death of the suffered one his/her relatives obtain compensation in the amount of 3 million rubles from the building developer.

It should be mentioned that the amounts of compensation provided by the City Planning Code exceeds the amounts of similar compensations on other types of insurance such as compulsory civil liability insurance of the owners of hazardous facilities or compulsory passenger carrier liability insurance where in case of death maximum payment in the amount of 2 million rubles is foreseen. At this after payment the developer has the right for recourse (regress) for the person fulfilled the corresponding operations on construction which faults caused damage and which our client suffered from. The developer paid the relatives of the victim and appealed to our customer with a recourse claim, on the basis of which Ingosstrakh Insurance Company made the payment", said Dmitry Shishkin, the head of the liability insurance department of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company.

In November 2016, Ingosstrakh Insurance Company settled the first similar insured event related to the death of the worker at the construction site during the work performed, paying the client 3 million rubles. This payment is the second one within the scope of Article 60 of the City Planning Code of the Russian Federation for the entire period of insurance of such risks within Ingosstrakh Insurance Company.

Ingosstrakh expresses heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the left worker.

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